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Over 30 years of coach building experience. Now providing cage trailers and sanitising equipment.

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Leading UK providers of Horse Boxes, Cage Trailers and Sanitising Equipment

County Horseboxes are based in the North West of England. 

We have over 30 years of coach building experience in our team and being horse owners ourselves, we have knowledge of transporting horses safely as this is a high priority.

Our horse boxes offer lightweight and modern materials and luxurious facilities for horses and their owners.

We’re also excited to offer trailers. We offer platform trailers on 3 axels with a weight of 3.5 tonne. These can come with removable side grills. Suitable for transporting high volume low-density material. Additionally, we also offer car transporters. 

And lastly, our newest offering is santising equipment. With the awareness of the need for general cleanliness vastly increasing incrementally over recent years, we felt the need to address by offering hand gels and misting stations.

We offer



Sanitising Equipment

Hook Lift Containers

40ft Containers

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We are a dedicated team here to help whether you're looking to revamp your existing Horsebox or would like something brand new tailored to your needs. 

At County Horseboxes we will work with you to develop the right design and build for you and your horse's needs.